We at Dare2Gear,are an adventure tour operating company. We've since been encouraging people's passion for adventure travel and fitness. Whether be it a beginner or an experienced adventurer, we have something for everyone to help them reach their next level with expertise in a varied number of adventure activities. Over a period, we have conducted activities - at various altitudes and regions of Uttarakhand, Himachal and J&K. Our activities range from Trekking, Hiking, Cycling, Motor biking,amongst other adventures.

We bring forth a holistic approach in considering your social, emotional, mental and physical factors. We believe in spreading happiness and bringing dreams come true for aspirants willing to step out of their regular routine. Our guests range from children as young as 4 years to 60+, which is what, gives us the experience to represent groups across all age and gender.

The D2G Difference:
What is bespoke?

At Dare2Gear, we strive at every turn to redefine your notion of what is best for your adventure outing. Our personally customized programmes are bespoke. Each one is designed to reflect your individual interests and needs to deliver unique life experiences. Through our consultation process, we take the time to understand the destinations, the experiences and the elements that constitute your ideal outing. With this information, we make the best itinerary recommendation to suit you.

The value of bespoke

Flexibility and exclusivity are paramount, so with D2G you travel solely with your chosen partner or companions. Over 03 years of experience has seen D2G specialize in destination and creating itineraries that are extraordinary and tailored to the needs of the discerning traveller. In contrast to other companies who rely on third parties to create their programmes and support them on the ground, D2G itineraries are backed by over 50 handpicked staff across our regional offices. We know that through our network of experts, we have the knowledge and resources to create memorable journeys specifically taking in your needs and interests.

Our guides

D2G guides are the best in the business. Each has extensive knowledge and the ability to bring local attractions to life. Multi-skilled and well-travelled each possesses insight into the diverse attractions and cultural interactions present throughout the region. In Himachal and Uttarakhand, for example, D2G marshals and guides have undergone an extensive training and rigorous selection process, achieving outstanding knowledge of local culture, language, and wildlife. Irrespective of the destination, our guides will enlighten you in every locale with insider information that adds depth to your holiday.

Our experience

Our expert team regards travel not as an occasional diversion, but as a calling that stimulates the mind and nourishes the spirit. Whether you travel with family, lifelong friends or simply others who share your curiosity about nature, whether you travel to mark a milestone or to experience one, expect to return from your journey transformed with an expanded view of both yourself and the adventure. With expertise not only in luxury but culture, wildlife and history as well, D2G reveals your destination with an authenticity beyond the reach of any other travel company.

  • To provide the best adventure experience that enables the sense of freedom to grow self-confidence and explore the best of them.
  • To support local economies of people living in remote villages, value our customer's needs and encourage sustainable practices.
  • To spread awareness to preserve and maintain our natural resources the best we can.
  • To fulfil the dreams of people who always wish to do adventures with fun & safety measures.

To be a viable outdoor company which can improve the lives through experiences that awaken a spirit of humanity, positivity & spread happiness around everyone's life?

At Dare2Gear our action never stops, and we are always to something. Our list of multiple activities will help you find a suitable activity for your level of skills & preferences. People, who join us as solo participant on our trips, return with memories and friends for life. We ensure that everyone who joins us gets an enriching experience and interesting stories that they get to cherish for life.

As always, India beckons withnew perspectives and concepts to explorethecountry within.