Brevet Populaire which can be joined by your family members too.
Date of Event: 14 - 15 August 2021

As we all know Brevet Populaire is a special initiative by AUDAX to deliver the experience to riders about endurance riding. Udaan Randonneurs also taken the initiative to make this self-exploration journey more experiential by offering a unique 150 + 150 (300) KM ride to Alwar. One can enjoy the evening with family in the Aravalli mountains. Spread over 7 acres, this resort in Sariska portrays a heritage look yet offers all the modern amenities and provides the perfect setting for a magical experience.

Medal + Trophy for riders doing 300kms and Only Medals for riders doing 150kms.
To know more details please contact us at 9718020020 / 9910081286