Meraki 3.2 Promo Khurja ki Khurchan - 160kms

The Purpose of MERAKI3.2 PROMO ride is to provide a platform to riders who aspire to complete their 160kms ride, where they can enjoy the ride without worrying about any technical, hydration, or nutrition challenges during the ride.

1. Khurja ki Khurchan
2. Bisleri Water
3. Fast & up Reload
4. Chocolate
5. Chips
6. Fruit Cakes
7. Bananas
8. Biscuits
9. 160km Completion Certificate (Only those who complete the Ride)
10. Support to load your cycle if you get overtired.
11. Medical support
12. Technical support
13. Hydration Support
14. Ride Marshal
15. Nutrition Support
16. Vehicle Support