MTB TrailWarriors: Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat
MTB Trailwarriors is a RACE SERIES specially designed for MTB riders who love to explore the TRAILS and want to have meaningful use of their MTB. This Series is crafted for both amateur and pros. Anyone who loves trails or wants to explore their love for trails on their MTB's can join. Here a rider will learn about different components of the bike, their technical usage, riding skills on technical trail and bike handling.
There are 2 categories designed in this AMATEUR and PRO.
Amateur: People who have never done off-roading but still want to explore the spirit of Trail racing and push their limits to take things to next level are most welcome in this category.
Pro: Pro who want to test their endurance and want to beat their own potential each time when they ride are welcome in this category.

In both the categories, there will be 2 fights one with yourself and the other with co-riders, We want each rider to WIN in the first fight second will be a by-product of it automatically.