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Welcome to Dare2Gear, an arena of expertise, excellence, and innovation in experiential adventure travel since 2017. We’re a young-hearted company with passionate travel professionals committed to providing a holistic range of quality ground services that add value, character, and diversity to bespoke experiences for our clients across the globe. Headed by our Managing Director, Mr. Tarun Wadhwa, who brings with him more than a decade of experience and everything it takes to drive the company into being cutting-edge worldwide.

Dare2Gear is humbly proud of its key asset, undoubtedly being its team, which is a dedicated group of professionals with extensive local expertise, creativity, and resourcefulness that specialize in designing and executing your complete ground arrangement objectives, from logistics to exclusive high-end programs. We are committed to our core values and provide an inviting bespoke service experience that is contemporary, detailed, flexible, and worry-free.

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Why   Dare2Gear   ?

An arena of expertise, excellence, and innovation in experiential adventure travel since 2017.

  • We are caring – “We trust and care for each other, our guests and our environment”

D2G always delivers a warm and friendly welcome, Always makes time to listen, Looks out for each other’s safety, security and well-being, strives to help protect the environment for future generations.

  • We are positive – “We live and share a positive attitude”

Motivate each other with positive energy, Always see the opportunities in new ideas, Believe it’s better to learn than to never try, Always look for ways to add value and make a difference.

  • We are real – “We always be ourselves and respect others”

Bring our real selves to work and perform, Respect and embrace all our different personalities and cultures, Have the courage to admit when we are wrong and have the strength to act on it, Have a voice and encourage open, honest communication.

  • We are a team – “We are more than a team; we are a family”

We share experiences and learn from each other, adapt, respond and pull together to drive results, together we recognise and celebrate our achievements.

  • We are a Call away – “24 Hour Emergency Contact – “We Are just a call away”
    No matter what time of day or whatever be the query, our operation team is always on standby to offer any assistance, providing flexible measures if any change of plans.
  • We have professional Guides – “We try to make your travel an experiential one”

D2G guides are multi-skilled and well-travelled each possesses insight into the diverse attractions and cultural interactions present throughout the region. Irrespective of the destination, our guides will enlighten you in every locale with insider information that adds depth to your holiday.

  • We live adventure – “We have understanding of terrain and challenges of it”

Our expert team regards travel not as an occasional diversion, but as a calling that stimulates the mind and nourishes the spirit. Whether you travel with family, lifelong friends or simply others who share your curiosity about nature, whether you travel to mark a milestone or to experience one, expect to return from your journey transformed with an expanded view of both yourself and the adventure.


We are a Call away:

“24 Hour Emergency Contact – “We Are just a call away”


Exclusive Deals and Discounts:

We offer exclusive deals, discounts, and special perks to their clients.


Means of Transport:

We offer a variety of options such as buses, private cars, and rental vehicles.


Travel itineraries:

We offer personalized itinerary planning services tailored to the interests, preferences, and budget of each traveler.


We are a team:

“We are more than a team; we are a family”


Professional Tour Guides:

These guides offer valuable insights, historical context, and local expertise, enhancing the overall travel experience.

24th May - 27th May (Kasol-Rasol-Tirthan Valley)
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Stories from   Satisfied   Customers

Based on 312 reviews
Sarthak Khanna
Sarthak Khanna
Review of Dare2Gear: Not only is Dare2Gear an agency specializing in adventure travel destinations in India, but it is also unique as it has developed a streamlined process to offer these experiences. Usually have different sort of adventures such going for trekking, bicycling, and day trips at the weekend. Apart from that, they do tailor-mades as well. Beside that, I do recommend everyone to book of Dare2Gear if anyone is searching for a adventure consideration in India. The staff consists of knowledgeable people who possess ample experience and this coupled with wide range of trips to choose from make for a meaningful and engaging travel experience. Here are some of the pros and cons of Dare2Gear:Here are some of the pros and cons of Dare2Gear: Pros: * Such a large program that gives people a choice of which trips they prefer. * Educated and informed staff * Customized trips available Cons: * Travel might be an expensive affair * Seating for some trips may be sold out Finally, I can say that not only India is an adventurous destination but also Dare2Gear vacations – my best choice to go for such a trip. Nevertheless, you need to know the expenses that might occur as well as the limited availability of carriages when it comes to reservation.
Saarthak Kanwar
Saarthak Kanwar
Had a very very great trekking experience and had fun ambience is good food is great and people are lovely and cooperative tooo very much highly recommend to go on a trek with you uss loved it very much
Ayushi Kaushik
Ayushi Kaushik
It was a great experience for me, it was my first time. I enjoyed the trip very much, the trip leader was very friendly and helpful he made sure that we do not have any problem and motivated us throughout the journey. Event the driver was very nice and polite.
Ajay Panwar
Ajay Panwar
We enjoyed a lot. Our captain siddhant sundriyal and Rahul Singh were very professional and managed the group very efficiently. Moj krayi bdiya. During the trek they managed the group and made sure that everyone is together and no one is hurt.
I had an incredible experience with Dare2gear during my first group trip to Chopta (22-25th Dec batch). I'm grateful for Captain Bhaskar Jeena, who ensured a safe and enjoyable trek. His efforts went above and beyond to prioritize everyone's safety and create lasting memories. The arrangements were excellent, and I look forward to planning future adventures with Dare2gear
Aman Gupta
Aman Gupta
I have been to Chopta-Tungnath with dare2geare along with Bhaskar (Captain) and Siddhant (Co captain). The whole 3Days trip was full with lots of enjoyment, memories and creating new bonds. It was my second trip with D2G and I loved the experience for sure. Special shoutout to our captains again, who have worked really hard and ensured the success of this trip.
Renu Gandhi
Renu Gandhi
I thoroughly enjoyed my first trek to Chopta Chandershila with Dear2Gear. Both assigned Captain Bhaskar and Varun was super amazing in managing entire team. All things were perfectly arranged from stay, food to engaging all group in Fun and Games. Both Captain were friendly yet responsible and disciplined. I also love the goodie bag and other articles presented by D2G to us along with participation certificates. This travel of mine with Dare2Gear became one of the best memory in my Life with all fun and enjoy we experienced in this entire tour. I highly recommend D2G to all travel lovers.. All the best to entire Dare2Gear Team????
aanchal bansal b
aanchal bansal b
Chopta - Tungnath trip (29 sept 23 - 2 oct 23) This was my first trip with them and the experience was great. The team was really supportive and helpful throughout the journey. A special shoutout to Varun and Bhaskar, our trek leaders for keeping us energetic throughout. The arrangements were upto to mark and all the safety precautions were taken care of. Thank you again for such a wonderful experience. Memories made for life !!
Kajal Goyal
Kajal Goyal
Chopta - Tungnath trip (29 sept 23 - 2 oct 23) My first ever trip with Dare2gear was amazing. I had such a wonderful time with them. Could not have imagined to have such a pleasant experience. Such beautiful and lovely group members to share that experience. Most importantly our captains Varun and Bhaskar they were so supportive, empathetic and obsevant. They were so dedicated and handled each and every situation with so much sensibility. Would love to go again and again with them. Thank you Dare2gear for making me enjoy the best moments of my life. ❤️❤️
vaibhav gupta
vaibhav gupta
Thank you dare2gear for the amazing and safe trek. Thank you everybody for all your support and motivation ❤️. I hope that we get another time to trek together again. Special thanks to Varun bhaiya and Bhaskar bhaiya for continuously putting efforts to make the trip to a better success. ~vidhi
Trekking Destinations in India
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To fulfil the dreams of people who always wish to do adventures with fun & safety measures.

  • To provide the best adventure experience that enables the sense of freedom to grow self-confidence and explore the best of them.
  • To support local economies of people living in remote villages, value our customer’s needs and encourage sustainable practices.
  • To spread awareness to preserve and maintain our natural resources the best we can.

Our Vision

To be a viable outdoor company which can improve the lives through experiences that awaken a spirit of humanity, positivity & spread happiness around everyone’s life.

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