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Booster Ride-150km



Booster Rides is a series of rides that are designed to level up the confidence of riders for long-distance riding. As we are a team of professionals who share a common passion for cycling so understands well the need of a cyclist for achieving their long-distance milestones. We have seen people have the physical potential to do long distances but sometimes the problems like flat tires, chain breakdown, shortness of water, riding partner availability, guidance on how to prepare for long-distance, and many more small things become big hindrances to attempting the long distance. To overcome all technical and informational challenges we designed this program with 3 different distances 100km, 150km, and 200km to level up gradually. In this ride, you get to connect with the cycling community of like-minded people and gain knowledge about how to make your riding experience better. It may be in terms of riding posture, riding gear, bike specifications, riding techniques, etc. So people join our booster rides again & again for experience along with that they come back with more new friends to support them to achieve their dreams. As a cyclist, we completely understand the specialty of the first 150 and our team always tries to deliver their best to make it a memorable one for you. Things We Offer:

  1. Bisleri Water
  2. Fast & up Reload
  3. Chocolates
  4. Chips
  5. Fruit Cakes
  6. Biscuits
  7. Technical support
  8. Support to load cycle and relax if you get overtired
  9. Medical support
  10. Ride Completion Certificate only for those who complete it.
  11. Finisher Medal
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