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Golden Triangle Odyssey

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Embark on the Golden Triangle Odyssey, a unique and time-bound event crafted for riders seeking to test their endurance and ride against the clock. Unlike traditional races, this journey is not about disqualifications or competition but rather a personal exploration, an opportunity to discover new dimensions of oneself.

In this ride, a defined timeline for each day and the entire distance adds an element of challenge to the adventure. This tour is tailored for those who relish spending extended hours in the saddle, allowing them to closely explore the world around them.

The Golden Triangle, renowned globally, serves as the backdrop for this exhilarating circuit. As riders navigate through this popular route, they will bear witness to India’s rich heritage, making the journey not just about conquering distances but also immersing in the cultural tapestry unfolding along the way. Join us for an unforgettable experience that transcends the typical tour, offering a unique blend of self-discovery and exploration.

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