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Jibhi- Tirthan Valley Retreat

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Escape the city chaos to Jibhi, a serene village in Himachal Pradesh’s Tirthan Valley. Untouched by urban hustle, it boasts cascading waterfalls, serene lakes, and historical sites like Chehni Kothi. Immerse yourself in nature with treks to Serolsar Lake and Jalori Pass. The village’s authentic charm lies in its stone and wood Himachali architecture, surrounded by Galgal trees and apple orchards. Jibhi offers a peaceful retreat, with limited commercialization and local-run homestays. Explore Chehni Kothi, Shringa Rishi Temple, and Sheshnag Temple to delve into local history and mythology. Whether in lush meadows or snowy landscapes, Jibhi promises a year-round escape for a tranquil weekend getaway.

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